quality, experience, competitive, professionalism, value for money

Distinctivevoices.com was formed in early 2004, primarily to introduce some new but very specific voice-over talent.

Each voice has a measured and considered style.

(We'll leave the 'gabblespeak' delivery to others).

That approach, of course, places us fairly and squarely in the so-called 'niche market' of documentaries, corporate videos, talking books et al.

This is a land inhabited largely by celebrity voice-overs.

Complete with the sometimes astronomical fees that these people command.

And there are some who would argue that a too-famous voice may overpower the essential message.

Distinctive Voices, on the other hand, offers voices of comparable quality and experience, yet at remarkably competitive rates.

We believe that this combination of professionalism and value for money may well prove to be a winner...